Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jungle Masti@Bhimeshwari

November 10th - An outbound trip - a mad gang of 15 - a day in the wilderness - river rafting and trekking - sleeping in hammocks listening to birds chirping - total masti

Can life get better than this ? Check out snaps below

The events of the day

Flora and Fauna

Sights for sore eyes

Loghuts and Lunch

The Hammock Heros


Ekta said...

This looks like a lot of fun!
Since when did u learn to start having fun...mean me is back again!;-)

Docs Dope said...

man all u guys r ugly :-) :-)

Anu said...

Great plces on W.ghats ... try Shivasamudram if you havent been there already ... bounty of sorts

Ekta said...

Have read this blog 3 times already!!
TIme for a change--stop hibernating...and get to work on the blog!!!

Nachiketas said...

Nice snaps. Which place is this btw?

Raj said...

Sunlight on grass & Sunlight on water are absolutely gorgeous.

Great pics, seems you had loadsa fun :-D

Btw, someone else has started blogging, 'll be obliged if you take a look ;-)

- Raj.

P.S. nikamma1112.blogspot.com by the way is the address.