Thursday, June 21, 2012

After a 7 (TBC) year hiatus, I am back...or am I...

Let's give this another shot. Whatsay?

Lots of changes in my life - Matrimony, UK and back, having to actually 'work' to earn a living, Twitter & FB...I could go on....

The more things change, the more they stay the same too :)

So what's not changed - well, my job for starters... Yeah, still at the same old place and I can't believe it too. I still am mad about movies, (still) haven't bought a house though very much looking and am lazier if that's even possible.

Anyhooo, the world has changed too.  America has a black President, we had a recession from which Europe still doesn't seem to have recovered, we Indians finally did something about corruption (even if it was only for a few weeks thanks to Team Anna), Spain actually won something in football, there is something new called IPL and movies like SMS, BEB and OKOK are being called 'comic masterpieces'.

But, again, things haven't changed too much in the world too. Sachin is still playing for India, Rajnikanth continues to rule the box office - need I say more ;)

So, without further ado, I think I am all suited and booted up for my 3rd innings.

PS:  Dammit, I can't seem to remember the names of most of my past, loyal following - Patrick, Venki, J, OK, Rajeshwari, DI - wonder how many of them are alive n kicking ;-)


foreverinbluejeans said...

You were missed! :)
To think I wasn't even DI when you last blogged!
Welcome back Jupe :D

No Display Name said...

How the heck do you speaketh my name? I am now to be called as he who shall not be named (after all those stupid movies that my wife has made me watch.. but hey if Emma Watson is there, I better watch it huh?!)

and btw machi, naanum appa aayitaen ;) and naanum america return aava poraen