Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer of 2012 - sports fans rejoice !!

For sports fans, you couldn't have wished for a better summer. Starting from the pulsating finish to the EPL, the action shifted to the IPL (Yawn) and its fixed matches which was soon followed by Roland Garros and the inevitability of yet another trophy for Nadal. Now, we are in the midst of Euro 2012 and this will be followed by Wimbledon and then the Olympics. Whew !!!!

Neo Sports is where I spend most of my evenings these days and with the group stages of Euro 2012 done, havta admit its been a wonderful tournament so far - so many highs, very few lows.

Event report midway into the tournament
Best match
  • Tough to pick but I'll go with the 1-1 between Italy and Spain. Portugal vs Denmark wasn't great quality but was end-to-end entertainment.
Best goal
Biggest hero
  • Sheva, of course
 Biggest flop
  • Toss up between the squabbling Dutch and Szczesny. The latter shades it for me - ominous for next year??

  • The Russians not going through to the KO stages - maybe there is a silver lining in this cloud & Wenger might not buy Dzagoev after all. Remember Euro 2008 and Andrei Arshavin :(
  • Racist chants from the crowds - horrible!!
  • Ukraine's disallowed goal and Webb's horror show in Italy v Croatia

Predo time
Czech to beat Portugal (1-1 and then penalties)
Germany to beat Greece 3-0
Italy to beat England 2-1
Spain to beat France 1-0
Germany to beat Italy 2-1 in extra time
Spain to beat Czech 2-0
Germany v Spain (too tough to call now)

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