Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life's like that

Early dinner - check
Hitting the bed at 10 pm - check
Alarm rings at 1 am - check
Hit snooze - check
Alarm rings again at 115 am - check
Swears at the world and wakes up to switch on ESPN - check
130 am:  Opening ceremony starts - check
2 am: This issssssssssssss sooooooooooo boring. Danny Boyle is an idiot - check
The Queen and James Bond, Rowan Atkinson...WTF - check
230 am: Industrial revolution, Music through the decades, uffffffff - check
245 am: Can't take this anymore - slightly ahead of schedule but...  - check
3am: This blows man !!!!!!!!!!!!! Switch off TV and get back to bed - check

It was EXACTLY what I thought it would be - boring, BORING, BORING :-(

So who lit the flame - Sir Roger Bannister?
So how was AR Rahman's jingle?

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