Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yet another boring Madhur Bhandarkar movie

Knowing the director's past track record, this is what I expect from the story-line of HEROINE - full of cliches and boring to the hilt.

Small town girl - dreams big - comes to bad mean city - meets agents and random people in the hope of getting a break - struggles to make a mark - makes friends with other struggling actresses - catches the eye of an egoistic superstar - they use each other - girl makes it big - takes revenge on people who ignored her during her struggling days - takes a liking to an upcoming IPL cricketer - superstar gets insecure and jealous of her success - heroine's success gets to her head - hurts people who helped her succeed in life - cricketer starts focusing on career as he gets his big break to play for India - neglects the heroine - heroine starts hitting the bottle - goes back to aging superstar who uses her to make a comeback - heroine becomes druggie - makes one last super hit success and then commits suicide out of depression.


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