Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing is better than nonsense

Aamir Khan is one of the most grating public personalities I have seen. He goes missing for 9 months of the year but when he needs the media, he comes out of his sojourn and turns on the charm offensive. He's made a career out of being manipulative. My views on SATYAMEVA JAYATE are well documented but the way he promotes his movies also gets my goat....Does he really think people (not the crazy, mad fans but the average Joe) can't see through this nonsense?

Watching THE FRONT ROW where Anupama Chopra is talking to Aamir Khan and everything I've heard so far sounds F-A-K-E.  STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW PLEASE....

PS: Did anyone catch him casually slip in that "Anu"?
PPS: Why is Anupama Chopra fawning over Aamir Khan? Coz she's married to Vidhu Vinod Chopra who owed Aamir a lot for bailing him out with 3 Idiots after that debacle called Eklavya

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