Thursday, January 17, 2013

Delhi and the modern India

I have a cousin who used to work as a journalist in Delhi for 3 years and everytime I read horror stories about robbery, rape or murder in the means streets of Delhi, a silent prayer went out for her safety.  That was 2 years ago and she's now moved to Mumbai post marriage but stories like Nirbhaya clearly illustrate why we are still in the Dark Age.

While there is a larger debate raging on the need for death penalty as a deterrent for crimes like rape, what concerns me is the fact that we find it easier to blame the police for lack of speedy action, the judiciary for not deciding fast enough on such cases, the media for sensationalising the stories and our politicians for trying to sweep it all under the carpet. Who out there is asking the hard questions about our own behaviour? What about the callous attitude of various members of the public who saw the 2 victims suffering on the road and did nothing about it. People came, saw, gaped, chatted and moved on. What on earth is wrong with all of us - don't we realise it could happen to any one of us? Why such indifference?

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