Friday, February 08, 2013

8 absolutely arbitrary things I learnt over the last few days

  1. Never judge a book by its cover they say but truer still is the axiom - never judge a film by its trailor. Classic case in point being David.
  2. It doesn't matter whether we are talking of the men's team or the women's team - as a nation, we are incapable of finding any consistency in our cricketing form.
  3. Its been 3 years since I scoured the net and read a dozen blogs a day but nothing seems to have changed much. Yesterday was such a non eye-opener. There are still the elitist fools, raving lunatics, sane voices of reason, mokkai kadiyans....the more things change, the more they stay the same
  4. Working from home makes you lazy and fat. Working from office makes you ragged, edgy and tense. Why work then?
  5. A Rs 3 bajji made of old kadla-maavu and oil that's been re-used for ages is REALLY NOT the cure for constipation.
  6. 3 guys and 2 gals, 3 gals and 2 guys, 2 odd ball couples, 5 single straight could create a story with any of the above gender constituent combinations, add a-laugh-a-minute and I will watch them ALL. What is it with me and American sitcoms?
  7. The longer you stay in a company, the tougher it is to move on. The toughest changes aren't the ones that involve new people, policies or culture. The scariest bits invariably involve the office shuttle, the new canteen, the coffee vending machine, the scanner/copier/printer etc....Hmmmmmmm
  8. On a related note, updating a resume sucks. Its fun for the first 3 mts when you do the formatting - bold, italics, underline, right justify, choose the bullet type - and then it hits you "Have I done anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, worthwhile that will reflect "well" on my resume?"



Manwithnoname said...

How abt the fact that I am in the same frikin boat with a hole in the bottom huh? Tired of working after only 10 yrs and think I've seen and earned everything to lead a comfortable life doing nothing and yet wife, parents, friends, maamanaar, maamiyaar, yaen... even my 2 yr old son wants me to put up with good looking girls at the office and not succumb to the temptation.. the temptation of not resigning and getting the hell outta this ratrace.. how about you and me put up a website where we just shout at random ppl who visit the site.. I am sure that will be a big hit huh.. (its only age which is now stopping me from getting back to the b!tch!n world of blogging again.. age, and Kiruba)

Jupe said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLLL maams...I thought the comment was a delightful throwback to the nostalgic past till that last word absolutely made me go over the moon.

Everything you said about work resonates big time with me....and that idea for the website - sheer genius. Lets get started ASAP - thank god my blog has a readership of 1 else this idea would have been copied elsewhere already. You've heard the story about Facebook right :-p