Friday, February 08, 2013

Now, there's a first...I could soon become a published author

I was on a roll last weekend. Frustrated at work and wanting to let off steam, I was narrating some of the recent meaningless assignments I had been entrusted with at work NOT by my boss but by arbitrary people who turn to me as a last resort when every other option on Planet Earth has been exhausted.

These assignments vary from the mundane - finding out the alma mater of my CEO (and trust me, it wasn't easy AT ALL to find out) - to the bizarre (facilitating an introduction to a customer CIO based on a random airport meeting/conversation that a very senior colleague of mine had with this CIO's ex-reportee....and my senior colleague could not even remember the full name of afrementioned reportee).

All these assignments invariably have an element of humor (gallows or otherwise) associated so as I was narrating this to people, someone suggested that I should write a book about the nonsense that happens in the corporate world. For a moment I was speechless. Maybe this was my big ticket to fame and riches but reality hit me within a few minutes when I realised Sidin's already been there and done it.

I've not ruled it out yet - there is enough fodder in my head for 3 books but there is such a thing called timing so I'll wait for the right moment.

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