Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Kai Po Che

I've read almost all of Chetan Bhagat's books (cudn't really bring myself to call them novels) but the fact of the matter is that I hardly remember any of them. They're all what you'd call time-pass books, good to read on a boring flight or train journey but nothing deep, personal, or meaningful, nothing that stands the test of time. So, when Kai Po Che was released last week amidst lot of expectations, being naturally wary of the source material, I waited till I had checked out multiple review ratings before I dared to venture to the cinema hall...and boy, was I in for a treat !!!!

The movie is very very good. Period.

KPC is a director's film first and foremost. Abhishek Kapoor rocks and I must admit that I am really surprised - I, for one, never truly believed he directed Rock On. In my eyes, it was Faran Akhtar ghost directing a film to give his buddy a break...and you wouldn't fault me for having this idea if you'd seen Aryan. What a godawful movie that was - Sohail Khan, Sneha Ullal - need I say more. KPC scores big since it mixes humor, seriousness, drama, sentimentality in the right proportions without lurching dangerously from one extreme to the other. The pace neither seems rushed nor does it slacken at regular intervals. KPC uses the Godhra riots as the setting but does not preach about religious tolerance. It is a deep and moving story of duty, friendship, love, misunderstanding - its about 3 kids who man up together.

The last debutant I raved about was Ranveer Singh in BBB but the 3 lads in KPC are even better. I do realise that the film marks the debut of only Sushant Singh Rajput and both Amit Sadh and Raj Yadav have acted in a few films before but this was a story dying to have fresh, new faces who could act and the 3 delivered. The quiet but fiercely determined Govind, the vulnerable and sensitive Omi & the brash but angel-at-heart Ishaan are brilliantly brought to life by these 3 amazing actors.

Manja left me exhilarated. The song is magical and its picturisation and placement in the movie are purrrrfect. Suneeta Rao's lilting melody Pari Hoon Main was thrillingly picturised and brought back wonderful memories of an awesome past. Btw, is this how Garba dances happen? What the heck is "Dhandiya attamum aada" from Kadalar Dhinam all about then? Kunaaaaaaaaaaal.... eeeeeeeeeeeks...

The camera-work is  the best I have seen for a long long time....and yes, it trumps Kadal which I again raved about. So earthy, so natural - I almost felt transported to the location.

...and I guess, that says it all... End of.

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