Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Naming conventions

Offlate, a lot of people have been asking me for 'tips' on how to name their kids or even suggestions for names so I thought I'd do a post about naming conventions. Never buy people fish, teach them fishing. Here I go with my gyaan on what one could possibly do
  • Take the non controversial route and name the kid after the paternal grandfather or grandmother. If its the second issue, the maternal side might also be fine. Yeah, the name might sound old fashioned but you WILL win brownie points.... and you can cash them in too.
  • You might not be practising religion but there is nothing like falling back to Shlokas and the Scriptures for the more fancy names of Gods and Goddesses. That way, all the elders in the family are onboard but you will also get credit for being both traditional and progressive.
  • Be practical - Avoid names that start between A & E and again from S to Z....Makes the student life of your kid so much more easier....If you've ever had a name that starts with anything from A to E, you will know that you are always first in line for tests, viva voces, lab practicals etc... and EVERYONE knows teachers are in the foulest moods when they start correcting papers. As they get into the 6th or 7th answer sheet, they tend to relax and read less and give marks more generously. As it gets towards the end, they are in a rush to get it all over with so names starting from S onwards run the risk of not being taken seriously.
  • The more flippant can also name their kids after their favorites heros/heroines or even the characters that they have played. Gabbar would go well with Singh as would Vijay Dinanath esp if you are already a Chauhan. For the Southies, take a leaf out of the latest movie star making waves in the film industry - she is Sainthara and she loves Sania Mirza and Nayanthara. Might also be a good choice for a kid born to parents from different religions.
  • A more dangerous but thrilling option is to name the kid after an ex or a former crush. Sigh.
  • For the bookish, nerdy kinds, look up the multiple websites that offer you a million choices for your darling's name...
  • ...and lastly, for the truly adventurous, locate this wonderful namescrabble site, type in your favourite combination of alphabets and it will throw up a truly unique name - one you can safely claim no one else on earth has chosen already. Believe me, this site exists.
Best of luck !!!

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