Thursday, March 07, 2013

Life is tough

Do you paint your 'old house' in one colour or do you use different colours for different rooms so much so that it looks like the sets for Shankar's fantasy songs like Aska Laska or Andankaaka Kondakaari?

Do you keep it plain & simple and use solids (or) do you experiment with CRINKLE, DAPPLE, CANVAS, COMBING, RAGGING, SPONGING or BRUSHING effect?

Whoever knew colors had so much personality - Is Pink too girly, is Blue too loud, is Yellow too dhinchak, is Orange too wannabe, is Green too you-know-what, is Grey too dull and is White just plan boring?

Whoever thought a simple painting job would involve a million tough choices? Why can't I just blink my eyes, open and voila - have a beautiful house like they show in the Asian Paints ads?


1 comment:

Kayyessee said...

good to see you take up some responsibility for a change. I will still believe it only when I see it!