Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh

Technology is moving fast. Way too fast for my liking. I have an iPad 3 and just when I was thinking of also getting myself a 7” tablet, specifically the Nexus 7, the market is flooded with a million new products, each one better and cheaper than my previous choice… and add Phablets to the mix and throw in some really new Windows 8 smartphones and I am utterly and completely confused.  How I yearn for the days of my first Nokia which could just help me with calls and text - a nice n heavy copper sulphate blue phone. Sigh.

Just when you think that the Spuds will run away with 4th place and the Gunners will finally be out of Europe next year (which will hopefully prompt the exit of Wenger), our noisy neighbors go ahead and start on their usual, self destructive end of season form….and the Gunners also come away with 2 consecutive clean sheets.  The more things change, the more they stay the same. Looks like I will have to endure 1 more horrible season under Arsene Wenger. Sigh.

I like Jwala Gutta. I didn’t know why. I used to find her very cute. Even hottttt. Not like the over-hyped Sania Mirza or even the miss-goody-shoes Saina Nehwal but definitely worth a dekho. And then someone at work had to burst my bubble and shock me. He said I liked her only because I probably prayed at the altar of Namitha and all we Tamilians just like Size 16 as opposed to a Kareena Kapoor Size 0 in Tashan.  Let me clarify once and for all – I really like Kareena Kapoor too - but he might have actually been right about Jwala. Now, when I look at stills of her guest appearance as an item girl in a Telugu movie, all I can think about is Namitha. Sigh.

Another year at work and despite closing in on the green tag, March still gives me nightmares. It’s the time to fill in appraisals and as you get senior, there is lesser English and more hard, cold metrics that get into your performance review.  While FY 12-13 has been good to me, I still wish I could roll back the clock to 10 years ago when appraisal time was fun. Sigh.

Birthdays used to be fun in the past. It was all about wearing new clothes, eating sweets and savories and getting gifts from people. As you grow older, you realize that it’s time for you to start returning the good deeds and you end up spending weeks, if not months, thinking of what would be appropriate gifts to the awesome people around you. How you wish you could just get away with gift cheques but then, when you have a reputation like I do of being a thoughtful, warm, considerate person, then the pressure to come up with a wonderful gift is all the more nerve-wracking. Sigh.

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