Monday, August 23, 2004

The perfect Sunday

What a nice way to start off a holiday - woke up only at 9 am and watched all the movie countdowns - Raj, Sun, Vijay..everyone of them :-p Uske baad left for my cousin's place where I had one of the best lunches for a looong loong time - Tom, here's that long pending mention in my blog - ur vengaya sambhar was supero super :-)) Then drove down with them post-lunch to check out their newly purchased flat ..Since theirs was still under construction, chanced to see the model flat...Exquisite decor, lovely furnishings, excellent woodwork, matching curtains and cushions in the spacious bedrooms..Baap re, the house looked more like the executive suite of a plush Five Star hotel..Hmmmm... can a Sunday be complete without the mandatory evening movie..Caught up with Rads who had just moved into B'lore for her third rotation in Wipro-GE.. Now Rads is one of the few women I really respect(ed) in my batch..Doesn't speak much but when she does, makes a lot of sense..Can't say that about most of my batchmates, can I :D Neways after booking tickets to see Shrek2, we had an hour to while away so chatted up over coffee where she filled me in on her career and impending marriage finally ending up gossiping abt other "interesting ppl" in GE :-)

The movie itself was an absolute riot and I don't remember enjoying anything as much as I did here :-) Rib-tickling one liners, heart warming senti, superb animation, intelligent screenplay... There was even the typical Bollywoodish triangle: the ethereal Princess Fiona, the handsome but obviously stupid Prince Charming and the fugly but true Shrek :-) name it and the movie had it all..My only grouse was that the garrulous "Donkey" didn't get to hog all the limelight, "Puss-in-boots" with voice-over by a delightful Antonio Banderas got that honor. And hey, watch out for the simply rollicking soundtrack - especially Livin la Vida Loca and Ever fallen in love... I guess its a fair statement to say that Shrek2 is as lively and entertaining as Shrek1 and doesn't that say a lot..

If all this wasn't enough for the day, then Boro vs Arsenal on ESPN just rounded off what was a memorable Sunday. Winning is everything - granted... but there are ways of winning.. There is the Chelsea way of scraping off 1-0 results and then there is the Arsenal way of turning on the style.. Though I would dearly love my Men in Blue to win the League this year, I have no doubt anyone would grudge the Gunners another year at the top if they play as well as they did yesterday at Highbury.. Trailing Boro 1-0 at halftime and 3-1 later in the second half, Arsenal came out all guns firing and Pires, Henry, Bergkamp and co: wove their web of magic to seal the match at 5-3. Its 42 matches now without a loss and everyone says they havta lose somewhere down the line.. I don't see it happening in the near future... Not if they play like they did yesterday... Wowwwwwwwwwwwww !


OriginalKopy said...

MI2 and LOTR rip-off was sooper!! Didja see the way Dreamworks kicked Disneyz butt?? B/w, ArNa Bangy vandhaacha ? (giggle giggle giggle)

Susie said...

Shrek 2 is good?!? superrrrr - was waiting to hear a few verdicts b4 indulging :D
I saw Kill Bill 2, Uma (supercool...endowed with a super high level of RBC replenishment capability)... BGM (supero super)... screenplay (fab..)... fight sequences (there was some training, loads of blood shed, but...)... Bill (whatever...yawn)... humour (oh tummy hurt like hell) - WATCH IT ;)

Jupe said...

ArNa - Podi, after all thats happened in Mumbai, i wud be a fool to meet up..Neway no time.. am a busy man these days :-P

KB2 is out in the halls? Shucks, Blore sucks..I had only 3 must watch in the halls for this summer..Shrek2, KB2 and The Village...Paaklaam :-)